What Makes Your Sofa Unique: Our Sofa Making Process

Your sofa is an integral part of your home – it’s where you turn to after a long hard day; where you can curl up when you just want to get away from it all. At TailorMade Sofas, we think you deserve a sofa which is unique to you and tailor made to your lifestyle. That’s why every sofa we sell is individually produced to your exacting specifications, making every element bespoke to you. But you may be thinking – what does that actually mean? So today we thought we’d share a little more about our processes and what makes your sofa special.

Our Sofa Making Process

Step 1. Build The Frame
The frame is the sofa’s metaphorical backbone – it’s important that we get this right to ensure that everything else can be fitted smoothly. We have a specialist frame maker with years of experience, who carefully builds each sofa frame individually. We only use solid hardwood in all of our sofa frames, which means that we can guarantee their durability and quality for ten years.

Step 2. Spring It Up
Next, we fit the springs to the seat. The springs are essential to allow the sofa to hold its shape but still have some give. Our expert springer only uses high quality twice tempered steel serpentine springs. These springs come in a continuous S or zig-zag shape, as opposed to traditional coils, which gives us greater flexibility to adapt your sofa to the exact shape and size you require.

Step 3. Fabric
You’ll get to choose from thousands of fabrics and whatever you select will be ordered in especially to meet your order. We don’t keep reams of fabric in stock, instead placing orders on an individual basis, allowing for more flexibility and choice. Once we have the fabric, it will be measured, marked out, cut by hand and sewn to meet you sofa and cushion’s specifications. Our skilled, meticulous cutter and sewer will take the time to ensure that your fabric is just right, meeting any intricate design requirements you have.

Step 4. Upholstery
The upholstery is carefully carried out by a professional upholsterer with a personal touch. We’ll take time to ensure that the sofa is upholstered delicately, giving your sofa a stunning finish.

Step 5. Cushions
Your cushions are also tailor made for you. You’ll get to choose the outer fabric and the inner filling, with options available including foam, fibre and feather. You can test samples of each material and choose a filling which is to your personal preference and comfort. The last stage is to fill the cushions, providing you with a cosy, comfortable place to sit.

Each stage of our sofa making process is carried out by a different specialist, so we know that they can complete that job to the highest standard. All of the materials are selected due to their high quality and durability – both inside the sofa and out – because we know that what’s underneath matters too. If you’re looking for handmade sofas in High Wycombe, get in touch with us today. Call 01494 462 233 or contact us online.

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