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Sofas for Difficult Access

When you require bespoke sofas, armchairs or any other furniture but you have restricted access, do not let this put you off purchasing anything from our range. We have the means and technical skills to negotiate around most restricted access areas. There are a range of methods which we use, sometimes this is easily negotiated by using bolt-on arms, in other instances we can fit parts of the sofa separately. Corner groups, usually the most difficult to accommodate, but even these can have separate seat units to the L-shaped back. Our customised pieces are assembled on delivery.

With TailorMade there is no compromise to the design, practicality and aesthetic features of your furniture – these are all inclusive of our ten year frame guarantee.

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TailorMade Sofas believe in giving a high quality customer service, we ensure that every item made meets the high expectations of our customers. We manufacture to individual customers requirements and specifications.

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