TailorMade Sofas Working With Interior Designers To Create The Ideal Living Space

Here at TailorMade Sofas, as well as working directly with customers, we are also happy working with local interior designers, to help create a bespoke, personalised home for your clients.
Creating the perfect interior incorporates a combination of design elements, one of which has to be the furnishings. With TailorMade Sofas, you can create bespoke furniture pieces, tailored to compliment your design. Whatever dimensions you’re working with, we can produce it to your exact specifications regarding shape and size, to ensure that it fits with the rest of the room. When it comes to fabric, we have access to a wide range for you to choose from, or we’re equally happy working with your own fabric if you’d prefer.
Adding legs or arms, adding a different finish or changing the ends of your sofa or corner group can completely transform its appearance. TailorMade Sofas are perfectly positioned to produce the individual, personalised furniture you require to complete your interior design.
We’ll work closely with both you and your client; encouraging client visits so that they can choose their ideal depth and comfort. Alternatively, if you’re working on a show home, we’re happy to work with you on these too, and we understand the important differences between producing furniture for a client and producing furniture for a show room environment. Whether you’re looking for comfort or pure, unadulterated style, we can help you achieve it.
Over the years, we’ve worked with many interior designers, creating stunning, custom-made furnishings to co-ordinate with any given design scheme. Due to our high quality products and meticulous attention to detail when working to a brief, we’ve built some great relationships with many local interior designers, and they have taken advantage of our services to help with numerous projects.
If you are an interior designer looking for furnishings to compliment your work, look no further than TailorMade Sofas. Offering bespoke, handmade sofas throughout High Wycombe and the surrounding areas, we’d love to work with you. Call 01494 462 233 or contact us online today for more information.

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TailorMade Sofas believe in giving a high quality customer service, we ensure that every item made meets the high expectations of our customers. We manufacture to individual customers requirements and specifications.

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