Sofabed: The Versatile option

In today’s modern living it is often essential for rooms to be multi-functional. We want to get the most out of our living space. If you have a spare bedroom that has just a bed in it that is all it can be used for. Most of the time you are simply giving much needed space to a bed; if you want to use the room in a more versatile way, perhaps as a study, or games room for the kids, or gym, but still want to be able to use as a bedroom when you have guests. Of course, a sofabed can be incorporated into your Tailormade living room sofa to create a more versatile use of the living room.

Many people, over the Christmas and New Year period, have relatives and guests stay over. A Tailormade sofabed, whether it is in a spare room or part of your main living room furniture, is a comfortable way to put up your extra guests.

At Tailormade sofas we can convert the majority of our sofas into a comfortable sofabed in our workshop above our Showroom. We offer two sizes of bed action, a 4’ wide bed action, which will fit into a 2.5 seater sofa, or a 4’6” (standard double) wide bed action which will fit into a 3 seater sofa. We use a bi-fold metal frame bed action which incorporates wooden slats for two thirds of the bed and webbing for the final third. When the bed action is folded away in the sofa the webbing area becomes the seat, with cushions on top it is transformed into a comfortable sofa. The high quality mattress is 4” thick metal sprung and easily folds away with the bed frame.

We have a comprehensive selection of quality fabrics available including washable, durable and practical family friendly ranges.

So why not invest in a quality sofabed from Tailormade Sofas.

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