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We are always up for a challenge at TailorMade Sofas, so when a customer wanted us to
make them a bespoke corner group incorporating a sofabed for their new Dutch barge,
we were eager to please.

The specification for the furniture was a Cambridge Corner Group measuring 160cm x 265cm x 91cm. The group was made up of the following units:-

3 seater one arm section with a 4’ 6” sofabed action.
Corner section.
1 seater one arm section.
Large storage stool.
Fabric chosen was aptly Romo Linara colour marine.

The challenge was going to be getting the units into the barge, knowing that we
would be faced with using the large skylight as a means of access we made the
units with bolt on arms, and the corner unit was built with a bolt on base,
naturally we left the bed action out and bolted that in once the three seater
section was in place.

The delivery was made on Thursday 18th September 2014 and as you can
see from the photographs everything went smoothly.

 Dutch Barge.


Getting the sofa to the barge…Challenge 1

Barge 1

 Challenge 2: Ensuring the safe entry of the Sofa into the barge…

Barge 3

Continued … 

Barge 4

The Unwrapping process …

Barge 5

Installation begins …

Barge 6

Nearing the end product …

Barge 7

The finished product: Bespoke Cambridge corner group with sofabed.


If your looking for a corner group to fit a difficult space why not visit TailorMade Sofas at our showroom in High Wycombe. Or telephone 01494-462233.

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