We recently had a request from a previous customer to make them a bespoke 4 seater sofa and storage stool, the only catch was that they had moved to France. TailorMade Sofas have a policy that we will deliver anywhere, we have a free delivery within 50 miles of our showroom, but France was a whole different type of delivery. We would not be able to carry out the delivery ourselves, but we used a carrier who regularly delivers to France and other European countries.

Our greatest challenge was to make sure the sofa arrived in perfect condition. To ensure the sofa would not be damaged in transit we made a special cover to fit over the sofa, we then wrapped it in foam, and covered it in polythene bags, and finally wrapped it up in plastic bubble wrap. The sofa was then placed on a pallet and began its journey from our workshop in High Wycombe to the carrier. The sofa arrived at its final destination in the Pyrenees region of France some eight days later, safely and in perfect condition.

We took some photographs to send to the customer so they could see how their sofa made it to their home in perfect condition.



Sofa and stool finished                                         Sofa and stool all wrapped up ready to go

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Fork lift ready to lower from 1st floor workshop    Lowering sofa and stool to the ground


Loading into our van to deliver to carrier

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