What to Do Before Buying: 3 Sofa Buying Tips

Buying a new sofa is a big decision to make as you will be investing in furniture that you expect to last and look great in your home as a result of the money you will be paying for it. In order to ensure this, it is important that you consider a few things beforehand, so we at Tailor Made Sofas have put together this guide of sofa buying tips to help you out;

Tip One: Consider Function

One of the first things you need to do before buying a sofa is consider how you are going to use it. Will your sofa be in the living room or perhaps a playroom? You should also think about how many people will need to be seated to help determine the size of sofa you require and how much effort you want to put into maintaining it, if you have younger children or pets for instance.

Tip Two: Measure Up

After you’ve considered how many people your new furniture needs to seat, the next thing to do is measure up to ensure the sofa will fit into your available space. Working out what you can accommodate will make the shopping process far easier, and don’t forget to also consider access into the room you want the sofa to be in as this can sometimes be difficult if you need to tackle doorways or corridors.

Tip Three: Mull Over Style

Once you’ve know how much space you have to play with, it is then that you can start to mull over the style you’d like. The style very much depends on your personal preference, so if you prefer to lay back and relax on a settee, a new sofa with low arms and soft cushioning is for you, whilst for those who require more support from their furniture, harder cushioning and higher seating may be more appropriate.

The fabric and filling for cushions also falls within the style category, so again consider fabric that is going to be most suitable to your maintenance requirements and a filling that will offer the support and comfort you desire.

If you consider the function, size and style of a new sofa before you actually set about buying one, the whole process will be considerably more straightforward as you will know exactly what you are looking for. With our service here at Tailor Made Sofas, bringing this information to us will make a big difference when it comes to creating the perfect bespoke design to fit seamlessly into your home and lifestyle, so get in touch with us today!

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