Alternative Locations Around the Home for TailorMade Sofas

Whilst you will almost certainly associate a sofa with a lounge, many people nowadays are branching away from the norm and are beginning to introduce sofas into alternative areas around the home. In this post, we at Tailor Made Sofas are going to run through a few of these alternative locations so you can gain a bit of inspiration and follow suit within your property;




With many people now looking to extend as opposed to move due to the state of the housing market at present, conservatories have become more commonplace. They provide the perfect location for a relaxing room to be created, within which a stunningly stylish and comfortable tailor made sofa would fit perfectly.


Spare Room


If you currently have a spare room that you don’t quite know how best to utilise, why not transform the space into a reading room or even a games room? For each of these purposes, a tailor made sofa would be ideal to relax on with a good book or sit comfortably on for an evening of gaming on your games console!




If you have the space in your master bedroom, a beautiful sofa can do wonders for the overall interior design and will also provide another item of furniture to relax on in addition to your bed.


Loft Conversion


In similar circumstances to conservatories, there has been a considerable rise in the number of loft conversions in recent years. Ideal for developing an additional living space within your home, a sofa designed and created by our experts can fit the space you have available within your loft, therefore ensuring you have plenty of floor space still available whilst also benefiting from a gorgeous sofa to boost aesthetics.


These are just some of the alternative locations around the home in which one of our tailor made sofas would suit perfectly, so if this has been enough for you to take the plunge and invest in one of our sofas for a room other than your lounge, get in touch with our team today.


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