Top 3 Home Improvement Projects for the New Year

With 2013 now only a few weeks away, this period of the year gives homeowners the opportunity to look back over the past 12 months at the improvements made around the home and also to look forward at further changes that can be implemented in the new year. Here at Tailor Made Sofas, we thought it would be useful to help you look ahead at some of the home improvement projects you could potentially embark on in 2013, if the need arises and budget suffices of course;




If you are in a house with a growing family, you may be looking at ways you can create a little extra space to accommodate additional numbers! Whether you require additional living space or an extra bedroom, an extension doesn’t just have to be an additional structure added to the side or rear of your property to create extra rooms.


Additional living space can be created by introducing a conservatory that you could perhaps develop as an adult space to escape from the kids in the evening whilst an extra bedroom could potentially be developed in the underused attic of your property. Despite many simply seeing it as a place for storage, why not utilise the space and create a master bedroom or even an office if you plan to work more from home?




If the past 12 months have taken their toll on a particular room of the home, the lounge for instance, why not set yourself the project of refreshing the space in order to make it beautiful once more? This can be completed in various ways from the introduction of extra storage units to hide away the children’s toys through to a fresh coat of paint and even fresh, new furniture that has been created to suit your available space.


At Tailor Made Sofas, we can design and build furniture, from a 3 seater through to corner sofas and much more that is tailored to your exact requirements, in terms of both size and design; making the perfect way to refresh and add life to the room.




If you love your dressing table in the bedroom or your bookcase in the lounge yet are noticing they are beginning to look a little worse for wear, rather than replace with something new and with less character, why not plan a restoration project? This is the cost effective way of improving a feature of your home and if the piece of furniture has been in the family for generations, the last thing you will want to do is throw it away.


Hopefully this guide has given you a few ideas as to what can be completed in and around your home in the coming year to give you additional space, refresh the look of a room or bring back the beauty in an old character piece you’ve had for years; and remember, if it’s new tailor made furniture you’re after, we are the only place to go!


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