How to Create a Warm and Cosy Lounge this Winter


As the winter months are now in full swing, the dark nights draw in earlier than ever and the weather has taken a turn for the worse (if it was possible to get much worse), your home and more specifically your lounge needs to feel like an escape; somewhere you can relax in a warm, comfortable and cosy environment that sees you leave the bad weather locked outside! In order to achieve the warm, cosy feel in the lounge of your home, read on for a few tips for sure-fire success;


Utilise Warm Colours


At this time of year, if you want to create a cosy space, the colours of the walls play a huge part. Stick to warm colours such as reds, oranges and browns as opposed to paler, pastel colours as these will immediately seem as though they are bringing the walls in, therefore developing the warm, comfortable feel you are hoping for.


Add a Good Rug


Whenever you watch a film and it is snowing and cold outside, there is always a snug looking rug laid out in front of a roaring fire. This is something that can be easily achieved in your home, and although you might not have a real wood burning fire, the introduction of a rug can instantly add a more comfortable, homely atmosphere to the space.


Get Comfy Furniture


In order feel comfortable in the room, you need to ensure you have comfortable furniture to sit on, which is where we at Tailor Made Sofas come into the equation. Creating stylish sofas and chairs that are unique to you, your home and your available space, we have many different fabrics and designs available to go a long way to creating the warm, cosy environment you hope for in your lounge.


Finishing Touches


Once you have the main parts in place, it is then over to the finishing touches to emphasis the relaxing, inviting space you had in mind from the outset. Things to consider include putting up curtains as opposed to blinds and the use of lamps situated around the room instead of ceilings lights to help develop the right feel within the room.


If your lounge doesn’t currently encourage the warm, cosy atmosphere you hope for at this time of year, hopefully by following these few tips, you will be well on the way to changing this and creating a space that you can’t wait to retreat too as the wind blows and the rain or snow falls outside!


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