The Benefits of Choosing a Corner Sofa for Your Lounge

The corner or L-shaped sofa has been popular in households up and down the country for a number of years, but why exactly is this? Having been around for some time now, the popularity of this particular style has hardly seemed to dwindle at all whilst others have disappeared into sofa oblivion, so we at Tailor Made Sofas thought we’d take a look at three of the reasons why we believe the corner sofa has stayed around for so long and the benefits it can bring to your lounge;

Benefit One: Larger Looking Room

Whilst a relatively large room is required to house a corner sofa in the first place, their design has been known to make the space appear even large than it actually is. Rather than having a number of chairs or sofas around the room, the way that a corner sofa follows the perimeter of the room creates a large open space in the centre at the same time as providing an equal amount of seating space to that of a more traditional set-up.

Benefit Two: Stylish Addition for Modern Day Living

Style and functionality need to be on par within a modern day home, with a corner sofa ticking these two boxes perfectly. Available in a wide variety of colours, a corner sofa can be chosen to suit your particular design preferences and the current style of your home in order to fit in seamlessly on an aesthetic level whilst their sturdy structure and inviting cushioning ensure comfort and functionality are a given.

Benefit Three: Fantastic for Socialising

At a time where finances are leading to people staying in on a more frequent basis, a corner sofa is a great addition to the lounge of those who like to entertain. With enough room for between six and eight people to sit comfortably, the shape ensures everyone can see and chat to each other easily without having to continually turn around to make sure no-one is left out of a conversation.

With the benefits detailed above and our ability here at Tailor Made Sofas to design and produce a bespoke corner sofa to meet your needs and available space, it is quite clear to see why they remain such a popular addition to lounges in homes of today!

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