TailorMade Sofas Launch New and Improved Website

If you are a frequent visitor to the TailorMade Sofas website, welcome back and if you are new, where have you been?! Those who may have frequented our website previously will notice that there have been a few changes around here, with a number of improvements designed to make life easier for you as a visitor whilst also enabling us to showcase what we can do for you in a far more effective manner.

On top of details regarding our range of products, from sofas and chairs through to sofabeds, footstools, corner groups plus much more, we have a few extra features on our website that should help with your overall TailorMade Sofas experience;

Improved Images

We want you to be able to see the quality of our finished work, so we will be adding our own images on a regular basis so you can see the different sofas we are able to create. We hope that the images we upload will then give you inspiration when you are contemplating the design for a new tailor made sofa for your home!

Customer Reviews

It is also important for us to allow you, our valued customers, an opportunity to feedback on every aspect of the service you receive from us. Good, bad or indifferent, the new Customer Review section on our website enables you to express your inner most thoughts and feelings, on the subject of sofas and our service of course, so that others can get a good idea of just how great we are!

Video Gallery

The creation of a tailor made sofa isn’t an easy one you know and to show you how much time, effort and skill goes into our work, we have incorporated a video gallery into our new website design. Our videos will give you an insight into our work, without giving away too many secrets, in addition to providing helpful advice, useful information and any other sofa related videos we think you might find enjoyable.

Our new site is up and running right now, this very second, so have a browse around, see what you think and discover more on the fantastic array of furniture that we can design and build specifically for you and your home.

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