Belgravia Sofa (3 Seater)


  • Length, depth and overall height can be altered
  • Seat height can be varied
  • Various styles of back cushions available
  • Cushion interiors can be foam, fibre or feather
  • Selection of skirt or leg styles
  • Custom built corner group
  • Sofabed can be used in 3 or 2.5 seater sofas
  • Matching footstool
  • Image displayed shows soft fill seat cushions and feather fill scatter backs
  • Chair also available
  • To book an appointment call 01494-462233

Model Option Dimensions
3 seater sofa 203cm/80″ wide 91cm/36″ deep From   £1744
2.5 seater sofa 180cm/71″ wide 91cm/36″ deep From   £1648
2 seater sofa 157cm/62″ wide 91cm/36″ deep From   £1477
Chair 107cm/42″ wide 91cm/36″ deep From   £1034

Belgravia sofas, with their elegant lines and timeless design, bring a sense of refined comfort to any home. These pieces perfectly marry style with cosiness, making them suitable for a broad spectrum of interior themes, from classic to modern decor.

The Belgravia sofa, , is celebrated for its beautifully handcrafted upholstery, available in a selection of plush fabrics and fine leather. This ensures every sofa not only looks inviting but is comfortable, too. You can choose the upholstery that complements your personal style and the mood you wish to create in your space. From the intimate comfort of a corner sofa to the expansive seating of complete sofa sets, our Belgravia range offers customisable options to fit perfectly into your home.

Designed with adaptability in mind, our Belgravia sofas at Tailormade easily integrate into various settings. Whether anchoring a formal living room, adding sophistication to a cozy corner, or bringing a sense of luxury to a modern lounge, the Belgravia sofa adapts with grace. Comfort is a big priority for us, with each sofa providing supportive seating thanks to features like there high back and firm lumbar support to make sure there as comfy as humanly possible. Whether settling down with a good book, enjoying your favourite film, or simply taking a moment to relax, the Belgravia-style sofa offers unmatched comfort and serenity.

The Belgravia 3-seater sofa, . is not just about looks, it’s also about comfort. In essence, a Belgravia sofa stands as a testament to classic craftsmanship and comfort. It is defined by its supportive sit, high back, and firm lumbar support, offering a sanctuary of relaxation in any living space. The Belgravia 3-seater sofa, with its blend of timeless beauty and ergonomic design, is ideal for anyone looking to enhance their home with a piece that combines comfort with luxurious style. If you need more information visit our FAQs page or call us! Our team will be happy to help in designing and discussing your dream sofa!






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