Modern Floral Pattern Armchairs in Watford

Your furniture says a lot about you. It can define a room, blend with your interior design prowess splashed throughout the home, turn an ordinary living space into a comfort capital or encompass your personality. It’s no longer enough for chairs and sofas to simply be there to sit on, they have to be a part of the painting, the picture that is your living room design. Here at Tailor Made Sofas, we’re the experts when it comes to beautiful, unique furniture and bespoke armchairs, and when you need to add that something extra to your room, one of our amazing pieces of artwork could be just what you’re looking for.


We understand how important choosing your furniture is. We tend to keep the bulk of our living room furniture for many, many years and they often define the style for the rest of the room, becoming the focal point in many cases. With this in mind, picking a sofa or armchair isn’t something that can be done lightly, and we’re often left with an idealist image in our mind.


Yet, through trawling through shops and retail outlets, we simply can’t find the furniture that our mind has conjured. That’s why, here at Tailor Made Sofas, we design our armchairs, sofas and sofa beds to our customer’s specifications, coming up with a plan to build exactly what you have imagined, bringing your ideas to life like you never thought possible!


As the floral pattern is coming back in a large way with many contemporary, modern designs, we have a huge range of possibilities for your conceptualized florally patterned armchair; one that oozes elegance and bespoke style. Whether you’d rather a bold, outlined design, or something more discrete that creates texture and works in harmony with the colours to provide a subtle overall tone, we can tailor and upholster to your exact requirements.


With our team of experts, any design you imagine can become a reality, whilst you’ll love our dedication to customer care as we pay attention to your requirements every step of the way. For more information or to take your first step on your journey to your dream floral patterned armchair, simply call 01494-462233 today!

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