How to Measure Properly For a Corner Sofa

Home is where the heart is and you may spend a great deal of time flicking through catalogues to pick your favourite piece of furniture or deciding on what colour you are going to decorate each room. Interior design can be a fun and enjoyable experience and something you should throw yourself into with all your might! With this in mind, why not go with the trend and choose a bespoke corner sofa in High Wycombe for your lounge? Or maybe even your bedroom? Whatever room you are looking at renovating, we here at Tailor Made Sofas have the ideal service.

A vital element of choosing furniture for your home is making sure that it fits perfectly with the style of your home, but so too should you ensure that it will actually fit in your home! How? Read on to learn how to measure effectively for a corner sofa!

Firstly, start by measuring from the very crease of the corner you wish to put your sofa in outwards horizontally, as this will give you the indication of how big your sofa can be and how long each side will be. Still in the corner, you need to measure outwards to determine the depth of your new sofa too. It’s important that you note these measurements down, but also think about any extra features that may take up more space such as arm rests or footstools.

Corner sofas are the ideal solution for many because they open up the space you have in the room, and they can in fact often make a room appear bigger; which is perfect if you live in a small flat or apartment. Furthermore, if you’re social butterfly that always has friends over, you needn’t worry about isolating or alienating anyone with a corner sofa as you will all be sat facing each other.

Make the most of the space in your home by investing in a corner sofa today and get in touch with one of our team on 01494 462233 for more information.

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