How Can a Corner Sofa Enhance Your Home?

Corner sofas are becoming increasingly popular in the modern home. Here, we take a look at the reasons why – and review some of their features and advantages.

Focal Point

Corner sofas are a great way to make use of space available in your living area. Their stylish designs mean that you can almost instantly create a real focal point in the room that stands out and catches the visitor’s eye.

A practical advantage is that all the space in the corner of a sitting or living room can be utilised. With separate pieces of furniture (such as a sofa and separate armchair at right angles), there will always be unused corner space not available for seating due to the bulk of the separate units. Although a table or lamp can be put in any under-used space, a well-designed corner sofa can better make use of it for the family to sit down.

Many rectangular units also offer some internal storage if there is a longer seat in the unit. Some types are available with sliding seats too so you can literally ‘put your feet up’ – so, no more excuses for shoes or slippers on the coffee table!

Family Time Together

A corner sofa can encourage families to spend more time relaxing together because there is more seating space. There is no longer any need to sit separately on different seats spread out across the room – you can now sit closer as a group. Enjoy an opportunity to have a conversation about your day, your plans for tomorrow or simply to relax, listen to music or watch television together.

Bespoke Design

TailorMade Sofas can design and manufacture a bespoke sofa that is exactly right for you and based solely on your preferences. We aim to help you make full use of the space available and ensure that your new sofa complements the interior of your home in terms of size, colour, overall look and the type of fabric used. There is a large range of material and colour samples to choose from at our furniture showroom and you are of course most welcome to look around and take your time to make your choice.

We serve customers in Reading and the surrounding areas, so please feel free to contact us today for further details of the various options available and to discover how we can help create your new corner seating. Please call us on 01494 462 233 or contact us using our online enquiry form. We look forward to hearing from you and will be delighted to be of assistance.

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