We first became aware of TailorMade Sofas

We first became aware of Tailormade Sofas when our son purchased a sofa from them some 7 years ago.
They were so helpful, and even ‘mocked up’ a seat base and back, as he wanted the depth and angles of both altered from ‘standard’.
When he had decided on this detail, and chosen the fabric, the quality of the finished product was fantastic, and the cost was extremely competitive.

After this experience we had no hesitation in returning as we had decided to have our 2 identical sofas, which are extremely comfortable, re-upholstered.

Melanie greeted us in the shop and was very patient with us, as there are so many fabrics to choose from !
She arranged for a number of samples to be sent to us, making it a lot easier to make a choice when looking at the whole décor.
We decided which cushions to have replaced, as there was no pressure at all to have them all done, and the sofas were duly collected.

When they were returned a few weeks later, once again we were so impressed with the quality of craftsmanship shown in the re-upholstering.
Tailormade had made a fantastic job of them, and the new cushions we had chosen were plump, fresh and equally as comfortable as the sunken originals.

Many thanks to the whole team for providing a superb service, quality craftsmanship, and all at a very competitive price.
What’s not to like.

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TailorMade Sofas believe in giving a high quality customer service, we ensure that every item made meets the high expectations of our customers. We manufacture to individual customers requirements and specifications.

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