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We are based in Sussex and need to buy a faux suede sofa to replace our old one as faux suede was the only material our cats wouldn’t ruin! We spent a lot of time researching on the internet but found that the ranges held by other suppliers were either very limited or that the companies had poor reviews. Eventually, we phoned TailorMade Sofas and were so impressed by the help given on the phone and the fact that they had been in business for so long, we decided to invest in the journey up to High Wycombe. It was worth every penny. The Sales person – Steve – was exceptionally knowledgeable about the products, giving us advice and guidance along the way. Is there nothing he doesn’t know about sofas?! There was absolutely no feeling of pressure – just proper professional customer service. We ordered our sofa and remarked as we drove away about what a good buying experience it had been. (We are both sales professionals so appreciate a good experience for a change – where the customers’ needs come first). The sofa was delivered at the agreed time and fits perfectly. (We had agreed which arms, cushions, legs etc we wanted and had even had it made slightly smaller to fit our space). Sorry if this sounds like an advertisement for this company but we are a genuine customer and would like to see this firm continuing to do really well. Don’t look anywhere else… buy from them! Take a bow TailorMade!

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TailorMade Sofas believe in giving a high quality customer service, we ensure that every item made meets the high expectations of our customers. We manufacture to individual customers requirements and specifications.

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