Superb settees

We’ve now had our 2 settees for several months, purchased at the beginning of 2022.
Mel assured us that we weren’t the most indecisive of our all their customers and so we felt able to revisit more than once over a period of several months. We wanted the 2 and 3 seater to look a bit chilled out like the ancient ones we were replacing and so eventually chose fibre filled seats and feather filled backs. The foam felt very comfortable but we preferred the slightly less perfect look of fibre or feathers.

Perhaps most importantly the comfort and workmanship is sublime. The generously filled feather filled backs feel luxurious and the seats also feel supremely comfortable. The length of the seating was measured to adjust to our different heights and we now both sit in a much healthier and comfortable position.

They look as though they came from Harrods which means that if we don’t plump up the cushions for several days that still look fantastic and suit our small cottage.

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