We finally started on that difficult search for a matching suite for our living room with one major requirement – the seats being higher than standard. Everything we had looked at was too low so, before our trip to John Lewis in High Wycombe, we searched online for other furniture retailers in the proximity. Tailor Made Sofas sounded the right sort of place so I suggested we note their postcode in case we fail in our search. Guess what, we finished our day here – and should have come here first. We sat on everything, tested it all and then were offered blocks to increase the height of any that we liked until we were happy with the height. Fantastic! Then we spent ages selecting fabric and went away with a couple of choices to think about. It didn’t take us long to decide that we had found our perfect solution so we called back with our order within a few days. The delivery men were very pleasant and helpful too. I have even asked for offcuts so I can match our “photo” coffee tables and they are happy to oblige. It’s really lovely to find a business which still maintains the traditional standards of service & quality through from start to finish.

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TailorMade Sofas believe in giving a high quality customer service, we ensure that every item made meets the high expectations of our customers. We manufacture to individual customers requirements and specifications.

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