A happy and comfortable customer indeed !

I might be thought of as the client from ….

I wanted :

2 x traditional sofas with covers that exactly matched my Farrow & Ball “ Borrowed light” blue walls in my very small Victorian sitting room

2 x modern sofas covered in “same’ material as the 20 year old ones they were replacing in my large minimalist kitchen/sitting room

This project was part of a once in a lifetime renovation of my home and every last detail mattered to me

In addition to visiting TailorMade Sofas showroom , I visited and quizzed the following excellent stores a minimum of 3 times each

John Lewis
Sofa Workshop
Sofas & Stuff

All the stores could offer similar sofas , but the TailorMade experience was light years ahead of the others

(i) The length and depth of my sofas are to my exact requirements – not an approximation and at no extra cost. Indeed when I provided the entry details to my home TailorMade considered the need to reduce the frame height of one of the sofas by a few cms for ease of access .
(ii) The material samples in the showroom is outrageously comprehensive ( yes I got my paint match!)
(iii) The team at TailorMade Sofas are SO friendly and helpful (I was even taken into the factory area to explore the idea of a personalised style!)

And last but by no means least , the price was less than the alternative store options!!

A happy and comfortable customer indeed !

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