Space-Saving Bedroom Design Tips

For most of us, the bedroom is a space where we can retreat after a hard and tiring day at work to enjoy a bit of well deserved peace and quiet. However, one of the most common complaints that homeowners make is that they do not have enough space in their bedrooms to achieve that relaxing and uncluttered look. If this sounds familiar, continue reading to learn four simple tips to save space and make your bedroom look more spacious.

Tricky colours

You can create visual tricks that make your bedroom look bigger by simply choosing the right shade of paint. As a general rule of thumb, the walls and ceiling should be painted in light or pastel tones to create an impression of spaciousness. For the best results, choose soft furnishings and decorative elements in matching tones.


Your bedroom can look more spacious if you use two different types of flooring in it. You can play with tiles and textiles (in light colours), or simply change the direction of the floorboards in different sections of the room.

Clever fittings

Items like fitted wardrobes, corner shelving units, large mirrors, sliding doors, built-in drawers, under-bed, ceiling, or underfloor storage are all clever ways of visually enhancing the space available in a bedroom. Additionally, consider replacing curtains with roller blinds so that you don’t take up unnecessary space from the walls.

Two-in-one solutions

Sofa beds are a classic but efficient solution when it comes to saving space in the bedroom. If you think about it, it is not necessary to have a bed until the time you go to sleep, so why take up all that precious space when you don’t really have to? Fitting a sofa bed in your bedroom is the ultimate space-saving solution: you can have a comfortable couch to relax on during the day and a roomy bed at night. Even better, get a bespoke sofa bed fitted to make the most of the particular configuration of the space in your bedroom.

At TailorMade Sofas, we are experts in designing space-saving sofa beds that match the style of your home, whether it is classic or ultra-modern. You choose the style, size, and fabric, and we deliver the final product. To find out more, visit our showroom in High Wycombe, or browse our website to find the perfect sofa bed for your bedroom.

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