Milan Sofa (3 Seater)


  • Length, depth and overall height can be altered
  • Seat and arm height can be varied
  • Various styles of back cushions available
  • Cushion interiors can be foam, fibre or feather
  • Selection of skirt or leg styles
  • Custom built corner group
  • Matching foot stool
  • Image displayed shows soft fill seat and back cushions
  • To book an appointment call 01494-462233

Model Option Dimensions
3 seater sofa 196cm/77″ wide 91cm/36″ deep From   £1632
2.5 seater sofa 165cm/65″ wide 91cm/36″ deep From   £1541
2 seater sofa 145cm/57″ wide 91cm/36″ deep From   £1386
Chair 89cm/35″ wide 91cm/36″ deep From   £963

The Milan sofa effortlessly combines style and comfort, this makes it a versatile choice that complements a wide range of interior design choices, from traditional to contemporary.

The Milan sofa range by TailorMade Sofas combines the versatility of modern design with traditional craftsmanship. Our Milan sofas are a blend of style and function, catering to a wide range of interior design preferences.

From the sleek, minimalist appeal for modern urban homes to the more intricate and detailed designs ideal for classic or rustic settings, the Milan sofa offers a wide range of choices for all homes.

In keeping with the ethos of TailorMade Sofas, each Milan sofa can be personalised to your exact requirements. The choice of upholstery materials spans from rich, durable fabrics for a cozy family room to more opulent, luxurious options like fine leather, ideal for a formal living space.

This personalisation extends to the sofa’s dimensions as well, with the option to adjust the size to perfectly fit your room, whether you need a compact two-seater or 3-seater for a larger space.

The craftsmanship behind each Milan sofa reflects a commitment to quality and durability. Built with sturdy frames and high-quality materials, these sofas are designed to withstand the test of time, offering both comfort and enduring style.

The attention to detail in the construction process ensures that each sofa is not only aesthetically pleasing but also offers superior comfort, with meticulously designed user-friendly features for optimal comfort and relaxation.

In terms of functionality, the Milan sofa range excels in adaptability. With modular designs available, these sofas can be reconfigured to suit changing needs, making them a practical choice for dynamic living spaces. The addition of footstools and other accessories can enhance the utility and comfort of these sofas, providing versatile solutions for seating and storage.

Ultimately, the Milan sofa collection from TailorMade Sofas is about more than just furniture; it’s about creating a space that reflects your personal style and meets your everyday needs. With their blend of aesthetic appeal, customisable options, and enduring craftsmanship, these sofas are an investment in both style and comfort, enhancing the character and functionality of your living space.

The Brief History of Milan Sofas

The history of Milan sofas embodies Milan’s legacy as a global design hub, blending centuries-old craftsmanship with modern innovation. Originating in the Italian Renaissance, Milanese sofa designs have evolved through significant cultural and artistic movements, from the symmetry and proportion of the Renaissance to the minimalistic aesthetics of modernism showcased at the Milan Triennale. The post-war design boom further revolutionised sofa design with new materials and technologies, leading to bold, accessible creations. Today, Milan sofas continue to set trends, prioritising sustainability and innovation while maintaining their renowned elegance and functionality, symbolising the city’s enduring influence on the world of design.


Q: What makes the Milan sofa so special?

A: The Milan sofa is known for its luxurious velour upholstery, which is not only stylish but also irresistibly soft to the touch. The sofa also includes side tufting detail for added glamour, and polished metal legs for stability and elegance. The construction consists of a frame made from corner-blocked, nailed and glued hardwood solids, ensuring rugged durability and strength​.

Q: Can I customise my Milan sofa to fit my preferences?

A: Yes, the Milan sofa from tailormade offers several customisation options. You can choose from multiple size and fabrics to create sofa that’s right for you and your home.

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