Harvard Sofa (4 Seater)

  • Harvard 4 seater sofa with pillow backs and scatters.
  • Size: 240cm/94″ long x 102cm/40″ deep.
  • Fabrics:
  • Frame and seats Cristina Marrone Mistura. Composition: 85% polyester, 15% acrylic.
  • Severe contract and washable at 40 deg.
  • 4 x pillow backs 66cm/26″ x 66cm/26″ in Linwood Art House:
  • Mind the gap, ABC, Rainbow Letters, and Rainbow numbers.
  • 5 x scatter cushions 51cm/20″ x 51cm/20″ in Linwood Art House:
  • Red or Black, Penaholic, Drink Me, 2 x The Knowledge.
  • Image displayed shows soft fill seat interiors, feather scatter interiors.
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Model Option Dimensions
4 seater sofa 240cm/94″ wide 102cm/40″ deep From   £1746
3 seater sofa 191cm/75″ wide 102cm/40″ deep From   £1516
2.5 seater sofa 165cm/65″ wide 102cm/40″ deep″ From   £1434
2 seater sofa 137cm/54″ wide 102cm/40″ deep From   £1286
Chair 91cm/36″ wide 102cm/40″ deep From   £992

The Harvard-style sofa, with its blend of timeless elegance and versatile design, brings a sense of beauty to your home. This sofa’s clean lines and simple yet sophisticated style makes it a beautifully elegant addition to any space.

The Harvard sofa is comfortable and relaxing with high-quality upholstery in soft fabrics or leather that looks good. You can customise the sofa to match your style and the atmosphere of your home. Options available include small 2-seaters or large sofa sets. This flexibility extends to adjusting the sofa’s dimensions, ensuring it fits perfectly in your space.

The Harvard sofa’s neutral design allows it to integrate smoothly into different living environments. Whether it’s enhancing the sophistication of a formal living room, adding a welcoming touch to a cozy nook, or complementing the sleekness of a modern lounge area, the Harvard sofa is versatile. Designed for comfort, with ample seating space and supportive cushions, it makes an ideal spot for various activities like reading, movie nights, or simply relaxing.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the beautifully elegant Harvard-style sofa is a testament to craftsmanship and design excellence. It adds a touch of grandeur to your home, elevating the overall look and feel of any room it graces.

Our Harvard sofa is more than just a furnishing item; it’s a declaration of fashion and coziness, a focal point that encourages rest and dialogue, and a mirror of your individual taste. Whether you’re aiming to create a striking impression or desiring a discreet enhancement to your interior design, the Harvard couch serves as a tribute to sophistication and relaxation.


Q: What is the lifespan of a Harvard sofa?

A: Our Harvard sofas are designed with durability in mind, featuring quality materials like fabric and microfiber upholstery, ensuring it stays in good condition for or years and years to come

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