Eton Sofa (3.5 Seater)

  • Eton 3.5 seater sofa with pillow backs.
  • Size: 230cm/91″ long x 100cm/39″ deep.
  • Fabrics:
  • Frame and seats Cristina Marrone Avanti AVA1290 willow.
  • Pillow backs 3 x Harlequin Pasha pistachio, 2 x Pasha ocean.
  • Natural legs with brass castor.
  • Feather seat and back fillings.
  • Matching chair and stool in Avanti AVA1290 willow.

Eton sofas are all about refined elegance and enduring design. Characterised by sleek contours, a streamlined form, and an overall air of understated opulence, the Eton sofa gives you a harmonious blend of comfort and style, making it well-suited for diverse interior designs, ranging from classical to contemporary.

Eton sofas are typically adorned in premium fabrics, imparting a luxury tactile feel. The choice of upholstery for your Eton sofa can be tailored to individual tastes, aiming to achieve a desired visual impact. These sofas can be tailored across an array of dimensions, encompassing Eton 2-seater sofas, along with alternative Eton corner sofas and comprehensive Eton sofa ensembles. For each of these options, the length, depth, and overall height can be custom designed for the consumer.

Boasting a neutral design ethos, Eton sofas seamlessly integrate into diverse living spaces, whether it be a formal drawing-room, a cozy snug, or a contemporary lounge. Our sofas consistently prioritise comfort, frequently offering generous seating capacity and supportive cushions, thereby aiding relaxation and leisure time around the home.

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