Chelsea 3.5 seater sofas on Legs


  • Foam seat cushion interiors
  • Fibre back cushion interiors
  • WF114 Eton Legs black with chrome castors
  • Fabrics: sofa 1
  • Ross CONWAY SR13152 FLORAL col damson
  • Side bolsters:
  • Ross CONWAY SR13112 STRIPE col damson
  • Fabrics: sofa 2
  • Body:
  • Ross CONWAY SR13122 PIN STRIPE col damson
  • Seat/back cushions:
  • Ross CONWAY SR13132 DIAMOND col damson
  • side bolsters:
  • Ross CONWAY SR13112 STRIPE col damson
  • All piping:
  • Ross CONWAY SR13142 PLAIN damson
Model Option
3.5 seater sofa x 2 216cm/85″ wide 94cm/37″ deep
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