Cambridge Double Corner Sofa


  • 3 str 1 arm unit
  • 3 str no arms unit
  • 2 x corner units
  • 2 str 1 arm unit
  • soft fill seat cushion interiors
  • Soft fill structured back cushion interiors
Model Option Dimensions
Double corner sofa 3 str 1 arm unit 176cm/69″ wide 91cm/36″ deep                         From   £1567
2 x corner units 91cm/36″ x 91cm/36″                                           From   £1996     (£ each)
3 str no arms unit 161cm/63″ wide 91cm/36″ deep                     From   £1517
2 str 1 arm unit 107cm/42″ wide 9acm/36″ deep                          From   £1318

A double corner sofa is a versatile and stylish piece of furniture that adds both comfort and functionality to any living space. Designed to maximize seating capacity and optimize corner areas, a double corner sofa offers ample room for relaxation and socialising.

With its C-shaped configuration, it efficiently utilises space, making it ideal for smaller apartments or rooms. Our double corner sofa features soft fill seat cushions with generous padding, providing a cosy and inviting seating experience.

Its wide seating area accommodates multiple individuals, making it perfect for gatherings or simply stretching out and lounging. Additionally, the corner design adds a beautiful appeal to the room, creating a focal point and enhancing the overall ambiance.

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