Introducing “AQUACLEAN” The Ultimate Family Friendly Fabric

At last!  A credible alternative to leather or vinyl “Aquaclean” is fabric you can clean with just water.  Unlike leather or vinyl “Aquaclean” has a soft, warm texture you associate with more traditional polyester or polyester and cotton fabrics.

The “Aquaclean” fabric has an invisible molecular coating which covers every single fiber.  Unlike aftersales treatments the “Aquaclean” system is applied during the manufacturing process.  This means that it cannot wear off, or be washed off.

TailorMade Sofas are one of the first UK manufacturers to offer the “Aquaclean” fabric range.  The designs available to view in our Showroom are textured plains, narrow stripes, and traditional florals, in a variety of contemporary colours, to suit any home.

No more worries with fabric sofas and kids and pets!  Everyday stains, or accidental spills can easily be cleaned away using water and a soft cloth.

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