How To Clean A Fabric Sofa

If you have invested in a bespoke, handmade sofa from Tailor Made Sofas, we know that you will want to ensure that it is looking it’s best for years to come. Over time dust, dirt, food and drink spillages and general wear and tear can mean that your sofa’s condition deteriorates. The best way to avoid this is regular cleaning and maintenance. There are a number of specialist products you can use, but some traditional methods will go a long way too.


The best way to get started it to take a vacuum cleaner to your sofa. Use the various attachments and change the nozzle to get into all the little nooks and crannies. This will effectively remove all loose items such as crumbs and dust, and keep your furniture looking nicer for longer. We’d recommend going over the entire thing, including any cushions or pillows, once a week with the vacuum.

Soap & Water

For sofa stains, sometimes there is nothing better for the job than good old-fashioned soap and water. Mix one part washing up liquid or laundry powder with 4 parts warm water. Always test your mixture on a small area out of sight first to ensure that it works and doesn’t damage that particular fabric. Allow the test area to fully dry and, if there are no problems, feel free to use your mixture all over the sofa. Ensure that the cloth you use is not too damp and lightly scrub the mixture on any stained areas. Follow with a dry cloth to soak up any excess water and soap.


If soap doesn’t do the trick on tough stains, you could up the ante a little with vinegar instead. This should be used with caution and always tested first but white vinegar can work wonders on tricky stains. Dab a little white vinegar on the affected area, follow with your soapy solution and finally wipe over with water, before dabbing with a dry cloth to soak up excess water, as above.

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