How Do I Know If The Fabric On My Sofa Is Hardwearing?

When buying a new sofa, you will undoubtedly want to ensure that your purchase will be long lasting, durable and maintain its appearance for many years to come. At Tailormade Sofas, we want to ensure we have the answers to all of our customer’s questions and one that frequently arises is ‘How do I know the fabric on my new sofa is going to last and be hardwearing?’


Whether you are looking for a bespoke corner sofa, a handmade armchair or a luxurious two seater sofa to brighten up the living area of your home, you can be assured that our team will always offer advice on the hardwearing capabilities of the fabric used.


In order to give you some idea as to what the facts and figures related to the durability of the fabrics available, we have put together a handy guide detailing the ins and outs of the Martindale Rub Test.


All fabrics set to be used for upholstery should undergo this test to confirm durability. This should be completed by the manufacturer and will give an indication as to the most suitable level of use for the fabric in question.  The higher the rub test results, the harder wearing the fabric will be. See below for a rough guide on the types of use for fabrics in relation to their rub test results;


Under 12,000 rubs: this fabric should be used for upholstery on decorative furniture only; for example a bedroom chair that is never really used.


12,000- 15,000 rubs: this fabric is more suited to occasional furniture in the home; therefore furniture which isn’t used very often.


20,000- 30,000 rubs: this fabric is seen as ideal to be used for general household furniture, such as sofas and armchairs.


30,000- 40,000 rubs: this fabric is very hardwearing and can be used for furniture receiving a lot of use in the home or furniture for commercial establishments such as hotels, restaurants and cafes.


So there you have it, the next time you wonder whether a new sofa is going to be durability and long lasting, you will know what to look out for in terms of the Martindale Rub Test results for the fabric that is used.


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