5 Top Tips for Creating a Contemporary Looking Lounge

The contemporary look is bang on trend at present throughout many rooms of the home, one of which being the lounge. If you are fed up with your dated, old fashioned lounge and have a desire to bring it into the 21st century, you’ll love the advice we are about to give!

Detailed below are 5 tips we at TailorMade Sofas have collated for creating a stylish, modern design within your home’s lounge;

Tip One: Go for a Mixture of Dark and Light

When it comes to colours, contemporary equals darker shades such as blacks and browns. When these are mixed with white and cream, the finished effect is astonishing and can quickly transform a dated space into somewhere incredibly modern and stylish.

Tip Two: Keep it Sharp

Clean, sharp lines are the order of the day for modern looking lounges so ensure any furniture, such as bookcases and the TV stand, reflect this in their design. Maintaining this sharp look across the room will most certainly give the space the contemporary edge you desire.

Tip Three: Keep it Minimal

Whilst traditionally designed lounges would have little nick-nacks and other belongings in high volume throughout the room, keeping it minimal is the look to go for if a modern finish is want you want. For instance, instead of a bookshelf full of your favourite reads, go for perhaps three or four with stylish bookends to complete the look.

Tip Four: Make Furniture Stand Out

The furniture you choose will understandably play a large part in the overall look of your lounge, with stand out furniture a big plus for those going modern. Here at TailorMade we have a number of stylishly modern sofas that tick all the right boxes, including the likes of the Milan, which can create great stand out features within your space.

Tip Five: Maintain Consistency

One of the key rules of modern interior design is to maintain consistency, therefore ensuring the theme you go for is reflected throughout; from the colours on the walls through to the curtains and accessories introduced to play their part in the finished design.

With these tips in mind, you should be well on the way to creating a beautiful contemporary lounge within your home, and remember, for great, stylishly designed furniture to suit, make TailorMade Sofas your number one choice today!

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